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How Much Would Your Revenue Increase?

Enter the # of leads that you handle per day, the average commission per sale, and your closing % below.

Leads Per Day Avg Revenue Per Sale Closing % Rate
% of Leads Warmed Monthly Revenue Increase Annual Revenue Increase
1% 0 0
3% 0 0
5% 0 0
10% 0 0
20% 0 0
30% 0 0

Important Disclaimer

The above ROI calculator is for illustrating assumptions and is not intended to guarantee any results from the use of any LeadWarmer product or service.  By using the calculator you are agreeing to release LeadWarmer of damages, any revenue claims or results if you ever use our service in the future.  Actual results from implementing LeadWarmer will vary and are not positive in all cases.

What’s Included With LeadWarmer

A Professional Coach

It takes more than software to get your lead generation done. With LeadWarmer you get an experienced professional to do the job with you or if you prefer, you can hire us to manage your entire lead generation process.

No More Wasted Leads

Analyze how leads are progressing through your sales funnel using our in-app reports. Get as much detail as you want by viewing contact details that include data gather manually by you and data gathered automatically by us.

Four Sales Tools In One

Coordinate your sales and marketing efforts from one place.  Generate leads using our webforms, follow up with them using our marketing automation tools, and keep in touch over time with our customer relationship manager.

Digtial Business Cards

Clear your desk of business cards. With LeadWarmer, we gather a photo of each prospect, their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts along with the job titles and full names.   We’ll do the data mining for you and continually update their contact detail.

Experts You Can Trust

Whether you are trying to create your first newsletter or want to know marketing best-practices, your LeadWarmer is here to share their wealth of knowledge to get your lead generation activities off to a fast start, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

350 Software Partners

Connect your existing shopping carts, paypal accounts, bookkeeping program or any other software directly to LeadWarmer using our native integration with Zapier.  This allows you to collect actionable data from your business that can trigger future marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. We never lock you in, and we make sure it’s easy to get your data out of LeadWarmer.

If I leave the service, how do I export my data?

Just talk to your LeadWarmer and they will help you download all your contacts and reports into a csv/excel file.

How do I import my existing leads into LeadWarmer?

Send your LeadWarmer your most up-to-date list of current customers and opted in email list, and you’re done. If you don’t know where to find those, we’ll help you get started!

Do you work with PayPal?

Yes, we work with PayPal and 350 other software programs seamlessly to help you tract an automate your entire sales funnel.

When will I get my first bill?

We collect your billing information after your free lead generation consultation with your LeadWarmer, but we won’t charge your card until you have completed your trial and decided to move forward with one of our lead generation services.

I have never done lead generation. Do you provide sale funnel creation services?

Yes – and better yet, at a discount. Speak with your LeadWarmer to find out more.

Will you handle all of the sales for my company?

We don’t do sales for our clients, but we can provide you with an effective way to close more deals with warm leads with our service. We will also work directly with your sales team to ensure that they have all the training they need to insure your leads don’t go to waist.

Still Have Questions?

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